How We Are Operating Post Covid-19

Opening our doors again

After three and a half months with the clinic closed due to Coronavirus we will soon be opening the doors again – Albeit with rubber gloves on and disinfectant spray in hand.

So this post here is aimed at giving you an overview of what to expect when you arrive for an appointment.

Modifications to how I’ll be working:

Illness And Past Infection – If you are feeling unwell or have been in recent contact with someone suffering from Covis-19 then please cancel your booking as soon as possible. Hopefully, this goes without saying. I will not be taking temperatures as the W.H.O. suggests this is not necessary as it is only a very late sign of infection. So please exercise caution (whilst not becoming a hypochondriac about it).

If you have had Covid-19 in the past few months and have developed any new issues then please discuss this with me by phone first.

I will be asking you to fill in a short form at the start of the session to go through a Signs and Symptoms checklist.

Please Wait Outside – Please be ready to be collected at the time of your appointment, two meters from the outside front door. No early starts or overruns I’m afraid as I need lots of time for additional clean up between clients.

Written Consent – I’ll need you to sign a waiver at the start of the appointment and also confirm whether or not you agree to allow me to share details if a tracing request comes in. This is a simple document to record that we are both aware of the risks of close contact.

PPE – I’ll be wearing a face mask when working so please don’t be startled. I will also ask you to wear one when on the couch, which I can provide for you if you don’t have your own, and you can dispose of after treatment. Please bring any other PPE that you would like to wear if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Couch Hygiene Practices – These are pretty much the same as always – I’ll clean the couch, change towels and wash my hands as usual. I’m not however allowed to use a couch cover. I’ve thought long and hard about this because laying directly on a couch is pretty unpleasant (because you’ll stick to it!) Paper towel is the obvious solution but I’ve never liked it because it also sticks to you and then falls on the floor when you turn over. It is literally hygiene interior design dressing at best! So I’ve invested in yoga towels that will cover the couch and can be removed and washed much more easily. They have rubber dots on the back which should help them stay in place. I hope this solves the problem.

Clean-Up – I’ll be cleaning down all surfaces touched like the desk, doors, couch, cups, taps, toilet etc between every client. This is going to take some time and I also have to write even more detailed notes too, so it is really important that we don’t overrun as it will impact the next client considerably. My apologies if you find me running slightly behind schedule whilst I try to find an efficient way to do this. 

Hand Washing –  There are washing facilities with paper hand towels when you arrive. You’ll also be asked to use the sanitiser before and after the session.

Clothes – I’ll be providing a plastic box next to the couch to place your clothes in. Once removed I can easily clean the box for the next client. Please refrain from placing your clothes on the chairs or other surfaces.

Gym Area – If you do find yourself in the gym area or we are using the space to help with our work, then please try not to touch any equipment that I don’t hand to you. That way I can keep track of what has been touched and reduce my cleaning time. 

After Your Visit – Whilst every effort will be made to disinfect the clinic, it is impossible to ensure cross-contamination will be eliminated. If we are doing massage in our session then it is conceivable that I might move any pre-existing pathogen from one part of your body to another. Therefore I suggest that you take a shower when you get home, change and wash your clothes and wipe clean your car steering wheel, door and handles etc just in case.


Hopefully, I can do everything I can to minimise the risk of picking up this or any other virus from our premises. Apart from Face Masks and wiping down everything people can touch, the bulk of the hygiene practices are normal practice for the clinic environment, so I’m well practised at the vast majority of the work I need to do.

I hope to make your visit welcoming and endeavour not to let this detract from the quality service I have always provided.

If you have any questions before your appointment then please do get in touch.

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