The Fibromyalgia Project

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"What started as a self funded project in 2016 has turned into an ongoing quest to help people with Fibromyalgia. 

Mainstream science was showing FMS was a result of an over loaded and highly sensitised nervous system and the emerging science of Functional Neurology was proving uniquely capable of dealing with this complex issue.

We now see people many people with Fibromyalgia and to help settle their nervous system to improve their daily energy and quite often their pain."

Chris Newton.

How Can We Help Your Fibromyalgia?

First a Little Background

Fibromyalgia pain and/or exhaustion seems to flare to the most minimal of everyday things. Doing the laundry, driving a car and going food shopping are all everyday tasks and classic triggers.

Yet these activities may not trigger you at all some days. Why is that? Why is there no pattern? If there was a pattern you could make adjustments for it and reduce you flare ups... right? So rather than working on pain, which is notoriously hard to change in all people (Fibromyalgia or not), I decided instead to look at helping people improve their daily energy. 


Well the up and down rollercoaster ride of Fibromyalgia flare ups may be less of an issue of pain and more of an issue of "resource". It seems that on days that you have more resources, you have less flare ups and live a more active life. Whilst on days when you have fewer resources, the opposite is true. So rather than focus on pain, why not focus on building up and evening out your resources so that more days are "Good" days? 

Simply put, if we can improve your energy, we can potentially help to restore a more active life and quite possibly reduce the frequency of flare ups in pain.

That's what we aim to do with our work here. 

How We Can Help?

There are two methods we currently use to help people with Fibromyalgia that can result in longterm improvements. These are: Functional Neurology and Pain Education.

Functional Neurology aims to help the nervous system desensitise by helping it become more organised. A disorganised nervous system tends to leave muscles in a permanent state of alertness, as if they never have a chance to fully switch off. Through non-invasive testing and treatment of these muscles we can help to reorganise and relieve this tense state. 

Just imagine how much less energy you'd be burning up if your muscles didn't feel tense and exhausted all day, every day. That's the aim of this treatment. 

Pain Education is useful to help you see order within the chaos that is Fibromyalgia. Very often, a simple conversation about how things truly work in the body can hold the key to a change in your health.

We draw all our education from our training with the leading pain education researchers at Explain Pain and help you understand your symptoms of pain and/or exhaustion with simple and accessible resources and advice. 

Why Choose Muscle Therapies?

You don't often find people, like Chris, who are so devoted to understanding persistent pain. Chris self funded over 100 treatments just to broaden his knowledge and test his hypothesis about FMS, which has given him an insight like few others - Some of those original patients are pictured in the header image above.

For over a decade he has been a senior tutor for the UK's leading sports massage school - NLSSM School of Soft Tissue Therapy, where he still helps to develop the curriculum and the careers of newly qualified therapists.

Chris is regularly asked to present at national conferences, educating his peers on his favourite subject; the management of Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes.

Chris loves to educate both his clients and students in a fun and uniquely informative way. Here he is wearing a muscle suit to help his students understand how the shoulder functions. 

Pricing: £75 per appointment

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